Getting to the Hotel from the airport upon arrival:

You have several choices once you arrive at MSP Airport. You can either grab a taxi (approx $50) or order an Uber (approx $60). You can also book a Super Shuttle van for cheaper, but you will ride with other passengers until you hit your destination. Taxis can be found at the airport without reservation. Ubers will use an app you can download in your phone’s app store. If you choose to use the Super Shuttle, you can go to their website to book. Keep us posted on your travel plans and we might be able to help pick you up. But we cannot guarantee we’re available. 

Getting from the Hotel to the Airport upon leaving:

Same as arrival… However, the hotel can call a taxi for you as they will not be available. We’d suggest doing so the night before you leave to have it scheduled at the right time. We will not be available to run people to the airport on Sunday.

Getting around Minneapolis:

If you want to do any sight seeing before or after the wedding, we’d suggest renting a car from the airport. If you go to you can find comparisons on all rental car types and companies. The hotel will have a shuttle van that runs throughout the day up to 5 miles around Eden Prairie. You can use this to get to lunch or go to the Eden Prairie Mall, etc. 

Getting to and from the Wedding:

We will take care of you! There will be shuttles to and from the wedding. The schedule will be communicated later. If you rent a car, we’d still suggest using the shuttle as parking will be tough and we don’t want you to drink and drive!

If you have any questions, just let us know at