The Couple

We thought that we’d take some time and share with you a little more about us.

David is the VP of Guest Engagement and Stores Communication at Target. He’s worked there for almost 16 years. He loves photography, wine, traveling and of course, those sweet boys Diohgé and Devo. He’s from Reynoldsburg (Columbus), Ohio.

Dave owns his own photography business and specializes in weddings. (Finding a photographer for the wedding was a battle!) He also enjoys wine, traveling and the pooches. He’s from Merrillville, Indiana.

We met 14 years ago… Yes, 14! We celebrate our anniversary on February 14 just because it’s makes it easier and we never really know when we started “dating”. Since then, we’ve relocated for Target 3 times – Indianapolis, Detroit and Minneapolis. We’ve lived in Minneapolis now for 8 years and love it.

David asked Dave to marry him on Christmas Day in 2013. It was the last gift and came with a card that said “Wanna Do It”. It didn’t mean anything naughty! Inside the card, it said, “Get married that is…” Dave said yes and now we are here!